Monday, March 23, 2015

New Bedroom Furniture!

The husband and I have been talking about possibly buying bedroom furniture for awhile, but with other things on our to-do list, it was only talk. However, recently, we were finding that having just a bed frame was not very helpful in keeping the blankets on the bed through the night. Every night, the blankets would start where they were supposed to, but by morning, they were on the floor, having fallen off the foot of the bed. We knew we needed a bed with a foot board, but we were not 100% sure what we specifically wanted.

Two weekends ago, we popped into a few furniture stores to just look around and get a feel for what we liked in terms of color, style, etc. Thankfully, David and I are pretty similar in terms of likes and dislikes when it comes to home things (it made building a house so much easier than what it could have been!), so it did not take long for us to find a bedroom set we both liked. Dark cherry wood, modified sleigh bed, drawers with dovetail slide-y things so they are quiet, lots of storage. However, we were not sure we wanted to commit yet. Plus, we kind of wanted to wait until Haynes was running one of their big sales.

Fast forward one week and while we were out running errands, we heard a commercial for that one weekend, Haynes would be having their lowest prices of the year. We still were not planning on buying, but we figured there would be no harm in looking at the price. Well, not only was the furniture less expensive than the week prior, but for the weekend, Haynes was running a deal for 24 months of interest-free financing. It was fate. We bought the furniture and it was delivered the next day.

Who can spot the kitty?

We have only had the furniture for 24 hours, but we love it. Yes, the bed is much higher than we were anticipating (we probably need a low-profile box spring instead of the standard height) and I sort of feel like I need a step stool to get in and out of it, but that definitely is not a deal breaker. 

Little kitten investigating the new furniture

Since we currently have a lot of grey and white in the room, I would like to add pops of color with accent pieces and throw pillows/blankets to bring out the blues, greens, and pinks in the print by The First Snow we have hanging by the bathroom door and the canvas our wedding photographer, Tori Watson, gave us. Our bedroom is not nearly close to being finished, but with "grown up" furniture, it is starting to get there. Here is what we have left to complete before out bedroom is "done":

  • Paint the walls (currently leaning towards a light to medium blue with grey undertones)
  • Acquire a chair and lamp to create a reading corner
  • Add some pretty throw pillows to the bed
  • Maybe add a bench to the foot of the bed (still not sure about that though)
  • Hang something over the bed (either a piece of art or a mirror)

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